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Our Team Our Team Steven Knight - @stevenknight32 155859107 Ms. Parker 155859106 Chike Evans - @absolutelychike 155859104 Aron Cosby - @roncosby1 155859103 Genera Ferguson - 155859105 Adam Eltarhoni - @flyasakite 155859102 Steven Knight Steven is the host. Be sure to follow him on Twitter - @stevenknightsho and @stevenknight32 122303100 Ms. Parker Ms. Parker is our lovely co-host. She brings it to you real each week. 122303099 Aron Cosby Ron brings the latest in sports. Follow him on Twitter - @roncosby1 122303098 Genera Ferguson Genera brings the latest in budget shopping. Check her out at 122303097 Chike Evans Chike brings the latest in movie reviews. Be sure to follow him on twitter - @absolutelychike 122303096 Adam Eltarhoni Adam joins our team to contribute with movie reviews with Chike Evans. 155034905 131373631